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HOGz Baits 2018

        It all started with trying to find the perfect Bucktail, seeing how I always throw bucktails I got familiar with what I like and don’t like.  I decided to put everything I like into one bucktail, testing multiple sizes, weights and designs.  I am confident that I've put together an awesome casting and retrieving bucktail.  Premium components used on Hogz Baits bucktails,  the wire is .062 stainless steal,   Extra heavy split ring,  a #7 mustad hook.  I find the bigger hook performs better and less likely to lose a fish.  The blades are true magnum blades and are stamped from solid brass .040. The magnum skirt is 10 inches in length and every skirt is hand tied by me personally.             

   After a really successful first season in 2018 which included 2 (50in Musky caught and released) I decided to make Hogz Baits available to everyone.  I can promise,  you won’t be disappointed in the performance of a HOGz Baits Bucktail.  I'd personally Mike Schmitt would like to thank everyone for all your support.  My passion for these bucktails never ends, the constant thought of new designs never ends.  Which makes me think                 

 What’s Next……….